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Collaborative Innovation for ESO Companies

Collaboration Innovation can prove to be immensely beneficial for ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) companies that handle outsourced business and parent organisations. On the global front too, international organisations have been benefited through an involvement in collaborative partnerships. Significant success to the collaborative innovation model comes from the fact that it helps companies to find out practical solutions for critical issues related to cost, capacity and capability augmentation. As a result, more and more companies are reaching out for engineering outsourcing providers to form an engaging collaboration unit.

With the maturity of Engineering Outsourcing Services, companies now seek ESO partners that can help drive business dynamics through means of collaboration. Such a practice helps both parent organisations and ESO companies in the long run to drive businesses profitably and develop a long-term association.

Earlier, a part or whole business unit used to be outsourced to the provider. However, with changing business environment across the globe, companies have realised that it is far better to transform pure sourcing relationships into strategic partnerships. The want of efficiency, flexibility, scalability and knowledge sharing for the business growth has played a crucial role in emergence of the concept of collaborative innovation. A partnership based on collaboration helps to have a better understanding of products, thereby ensuring innovation right from the transition phase to delivery. It also helps to clearly define roles and responsibilities for driving the business to success.

Collaboration between companies with the right approach can help in getting long term strategic business benefits. In this context, outsourcing providers can help the company to focus primarily on their core business by taking care of the non-core activities. Process improvement is yet another significant benefit of collaboration as both, company and outsourcing partner can exchange good practices.

When it comes to collaboration innovation, there are endless opportunities that wait to be harnessed and put to good use for moving up the value chain. Collaboration is just not limited to savings. Rather, it goes far beyond, essentially leading to the use of innovation platforms and firing a passion for growth. Furthermore, a good understanding is always beneficial for companies and their engineering outsourcing providers. To summarise things, it is apt to say that collaboration innovation will help to mutually work towards a common goal of firing the business growth in the long run.


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