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Auto CAD Drafter

Dimension India provides you the facility to hire an as per your needs to work dedicatedly on your projects .This service allows you to hire your own full time Auto CAD Drafter who exclusively works on your projects.

You can hire one or multiple resources to work dedicatedly on your projects. We recommend this service for long term projects and ongoing requirements where all your drafting work can be taken care off during your non-office hours while you concentrate on the core area of the project like design, design development etc.

We have a strong pool of talents with draftsman, technicians , engineers and architects who have an experience ranging from 2 years to 7 years. We dedicate resources to work exclusively for your projects based upon your requirements. We also provide the flexibility to interview and choose the right person for the job. You also have the options to choose a supervisor for your project at the bare minimum cost.

You hire a AutoCAD Drafter to work dedicatedly on your project yet you get drawings delivered which are by default passed thru our quality assurance process. Thus you get high quality work and also save upto 40% of your expenses. You can communicate with the dedicated Auto CAD Drafter via Emails, instant messengers (Skype, MSN, Yahoo) and you can also call them on their direct phone numbers.

We set up an Ftp site for transfer and deliver of projects to ensure faster and easier communication. We also have our own project tracking tool which helps us to monitor and manage projects better. On hiring two or more than two dedicated Auto CAD Drafter we also provide access to our project tracking tool wherein you yourself can directly monitor the progress on the project and post comments on it. This helps you to manage your projects directly and effectively.

At the most unlikely event if you face any problems with your dedicated Auto CAD Drafter, you can escalate it directly to the Manager in charge. If necessary or requested we provide you with an immediate replacement of your resource.

For all your dedicated Auto CAD Drafter requirement please select any of the following as per your needs. We will get back to you within 24 hours via email.

Experience Man hours in a month Draftsman Technician Engineer Architect
2-4 years 170 1000$ 1200$ 1400$ 2000$
5-7 years 170 1200$ 1400$ 1600$ 2200$

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