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CAD Conversion – PDF to CAD

We are a professional CAD Conversion service provider. We specialize in providing CAD outsourcing support to engineers, architects and construction companies globally. We are proficient in transforming manual drawings into computer generated drawings. Our specialty lies in generating fully editable, dimensionally accurate CAD drawings. Being in business for over a decade, we understand that construction and building designs undergo drastic changes and need continuous revisions and drafts. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest advances in the field of CAD conversion services. Thus, we can convert drawings into a variety of CAD formats. We have been successful in managing various CAD Conversion projects for our clients globally.

We offer a complete array of CAD conversion Services involving the conversion of PDF files to 100% accurate drawings. We use the latest standards and techniques to convert PDF to CAD. Our specialty lies in providing high quality CAD Conversion services at affordable rates. Based on specific client requirements, we employ professional software tools like Auto CAD, Microstaion, Revit etc. The PDF Format is an acceptable way to share information when it is required that the information cannot be easily modified or edited. PDF files have the specialty that they cannot only be viewed on multiple platforms but can also provide a casual level of document security. However, the PDF files are not easily editable especially if they are to be edited by layers. The solution is PDF to CAD conversion.

Our PDF to CAD Conversion follows AIA layering standards. The final output is editable and is in a DWG format. We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines and centre lines etc. and can accommodate as many layers as required in the drawing. Text is separated in its own layer and is recognizable as text. Dimensions are intact and are shown as a separate layer. Our DWG files can be used in any size and for any purpose. Our DWG files are scalable and do not get pixilated on zooming the image. We ensure that scaling does not effect the clarity or the quality of the image as they are high on resolution. We service clients globally with our high quality and error free PDF to CAD Conversion services.We believe in providing customized CAD conversion services to our clients. Our simple yet meticulous approach has contributed to our success rate and has made us to stand out in our field of work.


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Dimension India is the world's leading CAD services provider to Companies, AEC firms, real estate companies and municipal governments. The company serves its customers all over the globe through its offices in New Delhi. Our services are best-in-class and are backed by glowing customer references. Please feel free to get in touch for a discussion.