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Selection of an Engineering Services Outsourcing Partner

Selecting an ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) Partner is an important aspect to look upon while reviewing outsourcing strategy for the optimum growth of any business. The whole process requires substantial knowledge and diligence before being steered to finalisation of the business deal. Also, the competition in the market in almost every segment has grown exponentially [...]

Efficiency Improvement in ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) Companies

Productivity is closely linked to business unit’s efficiency as a whole and thus, endeavours to improve it are of paramount relevance. In other words, higher productivity while adhering to quality and compliance will essentially lead to operational efficiency. A drive for productivity improvement requires persistence and effective utilisation of available task force and resources. The [...]

Process Excellence through Innovation

ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) companies have to be goal-oriented to move up the value chain in this competitive world. The sole goal should be to achieve process excellence by means of quality adherence, compliance and productivity improvement. Innovative initiatives need to be driven in order to move up the ladder. As a whole, the overall [...]

Collaborative Innovation for ESO Companies

Collaboration Innovation can prove to be immensely beneficial for ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) companies that handle outsourced business and parent organisations. On the global front too, international organisations have been benefited through an involvement in collaborative partnerships. Significant success to the collaborative innovation model comes from the fact that it helps companies to find out [...]

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Dimension India is the world's leading CAD services provider to Companies, AEC firms, real estate companies and municipal governments. The company serves its customers all over the globe through its offices in New Delhi. Our services are best-in-class and are backed by glowing customer references. Please feel free to get in touch for a discussion.