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CAD Conversion – Paper to CAD

We are an experienced off shore solution provider for a comprehensive range of CAD services. With our specialized CAD Conversion services, we convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate Auto CAD drawings. Our trained CAD drafters manually trace the scanned drawings, blueprints and PDF files to produce accurate CAD drawings. We provide services at affordable rates and within the time frame to convert prints to digitized CAD drawings. We offer manually interpreted paper to CAD conversion services by taking the scanned paper documents and turning them into accurate CAD drawings that are as accurate as the original drawing.

We provide paper to CAD conversion services for architects, contractors, engineers and a host of other industries. We utilize the latest standards and techniques to develop the CAD drawings. Our paper to CAD conversion services converts original documents in to CAD and hence enables the storage of files in a more organized and efficient manner, providing greater flexibility and increased productivity. We can efficiently work on the paper to CAD conversion requirements of paper copies of drawings, hand sketches, hand scribbles, photographs and raster images to produce drawings with 100% CAD geometry. The drawings are re-drafted in CAD using the layering standards and the instructions as specified by the clients to generate 100% dimensionally accurate CAD drawings.

We strive for customer satisfaction. We possess a committed work force which works round the clock to service and support our clients globally. We work with architects, interior designers, custom home builders and MEP consultants to provide complete support services to cover space planning, design and construction documentation. Our CAD conversion services are designed for projects from simple residences to large commercial buildings such as offices, hospitals, retail outlets, hotels and other public outlets. Our team is well versed with American and European work standards of construction technology. Our familiarity with AIA (American Institute of Architecture) and RIBA( Royal Institute of British Architects) enables us to work on contraction documentation of any geographical region.

Our CAD conversion services have the inherent advantages of possessing accuracy of conversion, layering and standards based upon the client’s specifications, competitive pricing, no additional charges for rush jobs, generating superior quality drawings from poor quality originals, faster turnaround time and producing 100% perfect CAD geometry. With our extensive expertise in CAD conversion, we can make any engineering, plumbing, HVAC or architectural designs look professional and precise.


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