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PV Solar Design & Drafting Service for the Solar Industry

Solar Permit Packages


Residential PV Solar Design Permit Package – cover sheet, SLD or 3-line, electrical calculations, placards, racking details.

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Commercial Solar


Commercial PV Solar Design Package – array layouts, mounting details, shading analysis, 3-line & single line diagrams.

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Utility Solar


PV Solar Design, Permit Packages & Construction Documents for Large Utility Scale Solar Farm Installations.

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We are working with some of the biggest solar pv installers in the US for creating Solar preliminary, permit and installation design drawings for residential, commercial and utility scale PV systems. Our Solar designs meet the national electric codes (NEC 2008 and NEC 2011) and local municipality standards. We work with numerous NABCEP PV certified installers. We do roof mounts and ground mount designs and electrical calculations (single/three line design). We are experienced with working on various popular racking design systems. Our years of experience and competency in solar panel installation drawings has enabled us in establishing a strong niche for ourselves in this interesting and important green energy domain. For the design and drawings of solar CAD panels on buildings, we use Google Earth 3D imagery and Pictometry to locate any addresses and rooftops and use AutoCAD to draw the roof plan layouts and positioning of the solar CAD panels. We have worked on residential roof mounts, commerical ground mounts or roof mounts, car port designs and utility scale solar farms.

We design and draft complete Solar Permit sets which include the site plan, roof plan, attachment details, Solar Battery Backup SystemsGrid-Tied Solar Systems, and electrical calculations (NEC codes) 1-line & 3-line diagrams, conductor calculations etc… along with structural array sections, point load calculations. We also understand the various AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction) and HOA (Home owners association) requirements / guidelines and has been working using varied static and dynamic blocks and templates. The effectiveness of solar panels depends on the direction of sun exposure, for this we do 3D shading analysis and solmetric calculations to ensure the proper positioning of the solar panels. We are conversant with the Solmetric PV Designer / Pathfinder/ Solmetric SunEye and with calcualation applications like PVsyst. We prepare all kinds of Solar Panel Layout drawings, right from the site plans to the mounting planes, conduit layouts, structural calculations etc…

We use the PVsyst version 6 PREMIUM – the most powerful software for photovoltaïc systems, for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems. PVsyst tool helps in preliminary design, quick estimation of production for an early study of the installation, project design, detailed study, sizing and hourly simulation. We reply on PVsyst tool capabilities to calculate the PV system results which come in form of a full report, specific graphs and tables, and data export. The advanced functionality of the tool, management of the meteo and components databases and also includes specific pedagogic tools, and import of measured results for a close comparison to the simulation.

Backed by a team of experienced Solar Designers and latest applications, we are able to provide efficient installation solutions to our clients. We typically provide a 24hour turnaround to our regular clients and we typically do about 5000 residential assignments each month. With the help of Google Earth 3D imagery and Pictometry, we locate the specified address / building rooftop where the solar CAD panel has to be installed and accordingly make layouts for proper positioning of solar CAD panels.

Our prototype layouts set a frame in the mind of the installer and give an idea for dotting the solar panel in the right direction as well as in proper dimensions. Further, the capacity and total energy output of a particular solar installation project can be easily determined by our designing layouts. We are able to perform on electrical (single and 3 line diagrams) and structural design calculations (to identify the per square foot load a building can take). The designing solutions offered by us not only help in managing the installation requirement of clients, but also solves the problem of budget to a great extent. We are doing 1000′s of sites every month and are building on our understanding and experience. We believe in long term mutually beneficial business relationships and would be happy to initiate a dialogue with anyone needing Solar CAD permit drawings for this exciting industry.

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