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Efficiency Improvement in ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) Companies

Productivity is closely linked to business unit’s efficiency as a whole and thus, endeavours to improve it are of paramount relevance. In other words, higher productivity while adhering to quality and compliance will essentially lead to operational efficiency. A drive for productivity improvement requires persistence and effective utilisation of available task force and resources.

The rising operational cost that includes wages, infrastructure and other overheads has put much pressure on ESO (Engineering Services Outsourcing) companies to strive continually for higher productivity. Furthermore, the market is driven by cut-throat competition that has resulted in lower bill rates and pressure on margins. So, it becomes even pretty important to keep a close eye on the productivity of the task force for retaining or improving business margins.

The productivity initiatives take in account process improvement and automation. The whole success story pretty much depends on the culture that is driven in the organisation. Inviting ideas from the workforce and implementing them also goes a long way to improve on productivity and reduce individual transaction time. In this regard, the management has to push its workforce to inculcate the habit of sharing ideas. Every idea should be carefully evaluated, implemented and tracked before its seamless integration into operations. Initiatives to drive productivity improvement will help to reduce the time taken to finish off various transactions, thereby making an impact on the overall operational efficiency.

To increase the productivity of the workforce, following steps can be adhered to. Here, it must be noted that these are only few key points that can be considered while striving for the productivity improvement:

  • A sense of urgency: Sense of urgency is the most fundamental aspect of making an impact on the productivity. The top line leadership should be pressing their second line, which then filters down to the task force. By pursuing a sense of urgency, people come out of their comfort zones as they know the delivery has to be made within the stipulated time.
  • Delivery team: The delivery team comprises leaders who have a good track record of driving changes in their respective teams. Once formed, the delivery team can then put action plans in practice with a goal to improve productivity.
  • Vision creation and communication: The head of the delivery unit should put forth his vision with the help of a crisp presentation. After this, the senior officials have a task in hand to communicate it across the task force of the organisation. Such communication can be made by using mailers, forums on the company’s intranet and even targeted campaigns with teasers. The direct communication by means of meeting or conference is also a good way to sensitise employees about the new productivity goals.

Apart from the aforementioned measures, there are other ways too for enhancing the overall productivity. Different organisations may have different processes and businesses to handle, but still the overall goal is as simple as productivity improvement for better margin, timely delivery and getting an edge over direct competitors.


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