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Fire Evacuation Drawings & CAD Drafting Services

We at Dimension India produce 2D and 3D evacuation plans for numerous offshore customers, on-demand and with flexibility of their own design. Emergency evacuation plans are developed to ensure the safest and least evacuation time of all expected occupants of a structure. These include alarm signals, location of the fire extinguishers, Assembly point, Defibrillator, site map of the building etc. We provide emergency evacuation plan to fire safety service industry via our partners at the offshore locations.

We have worked some of the leading industry players operating in this industry. We specialize in providing safety plans and emergency evacuation plans and drafting services for commercial, residential, industrial, Educational and shopping malls etc. We do all site specific evacuation plans like school evacuation plans, stadium evacuation plans, workplace safety plans, hotel fire evacuation plans, building emergency evacuation plans.

The inputs required to develop these plans are tiff or jpg files containing the architectural background, location of the various symbols like Fire extinguisher, Elevators, stairs, evacuation stairs, Fire alarm, you are here, Site map, Title-block, logo etc. Although the format of the Output will depend upon the customer’s requirement and nature of work but for most of them the output is a Sketchup file and Adobe illustrator file. The softwares that we use to develop these plans are mainly Google Sketchup and Adobe Illustrator.

We have got enough experience in this industry and are equipped to handle larger as well as smaller volume of works within a predetermined time frame and faster turnaround with high quality standards. We deliver low cost but high precision drafting services to our client’s across the Globe by using the technical skills of our qualified and experienced team of professionals. That is the reason we being the first preference of our customers. Most of our new business comes through contracts based on referrals as the decision makers especially in Europe and North America the client side are far more likely to see if someone has validated the firm independently.

We are flexible and can work of customized built-in applications developed in-house. This is because we are quick learners and the team is fully equipped to adopt any kind of technology based on clients or project requirements.

We can execute no obligation pilot project in order to exhibit our technical capabilities and service standards if required. Please click here to get in touch for further… it would be worth the time.

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