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Furniture Shop Drawings & CAD Drafting

Dimension India is an established architectural drafting and drawing service provider with specialization in Auto CAD drafting and shop drawings. At Dimension India we adhere to the in-house drafting and drawing standards of our customers. Depending upon the submittal and manufacturing needs we can deliver architectural drawing in DWG, DXF, PDF and any other suitable formats. With us as a partner you can get accurate drawings at extremely affordable rates. Generally a typical set of shop drawings will contain the following details:

Cover sheet: Furniture Shop Drawings & CAD Drafting This drawing contains all the miscellaneous information including general notes, addresses, site plan, Door and window schedules, contractor’s information, architect information, revision block etc.

Floor plan: The floor plans are drawn on the provided scale and contain the location of all walls equipments, shown on the drawing.

Elevation drawings: The elevations include all the quantities architectural references, door details etc.

Detail sheet: These drawings contain schedule of the various sheets viz. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, construction perimeter and notes for the contractor. The drawings are drawn as per the provided standards with a title block and company’s Logo.

We are serving some of the leading companies in United States involve in this industry. We at Dimension India use latest versions of CAD technologies. The customer provides digital or hard copy samples of representatives shop drawings. We will match the drawing standards and construction methods. If somebody have block reference in use in their own drafting department we are happy to use those files.

Initially there can be a small learning curve as we try hard to present the job the way our client’s expect it from us. Dimension India is an established structural CAD services provider and are experienced enough to handle smaller as well as larger projects with a pre-specified schedule while maintaining the high quality standards at affordable rates. We always interested in keeping our customers intact by offering exemplary services. We not only offer cost effective services but also try to add value to our customer’s firms with our improved productivity and quality. Our systems are fully equipped to work on customized built in applications also. This is because we have a team of qualified professionals who have got experience in different domains in IT industry.

Our mission is to generate repeated business by adopting the policy of being proactive and cooperative with the goal of fully coordinating the project. The senior management people are always enjoys speaking directly with customers are hands on and can be of assistance on every job that we perform. We take pride in producing shop drawings that go through the submittal process and on to your shop floor with minimal revisions.

Open and clear communication allows us to function as integral part of our customer and produce drawings that streamline their project management and production. We can execute no obligation pilot project in order to exhibit our technical capabilities and service standards if required.

Our services are best-in-class and are backed by customer references. Please click here to get in touch for further…

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